Reduce Stress by Going the  Spiritual/Religious Route

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Religion is a formalized set of ideas and customs involving a group of people’s connection with the divine Lord that is held in common by those people. On the other hand, spirituality is concerned with a person’s contact with a spirit that may be a greater entity, such as God, or it may just be a depiction of a person’s relationship to a bigger philosophical truth than an individual personality.

Often overlooked and discredited, spirituality and religion both play a significant role in defining people’s lives. We can find thousands of stories where these two combined or on their own helped an individual break the shackles of stress and anxiety

Here are some of the things you can employ in your daily life to try and relieve stress.


We are not sending you on a completely nomadic path of life, but some form of connection with the almighty will elevate your trust in yourself and bring up your hopes regarding your life and this world. You can start by going to church, talking to a priest about your situation, reading the bible to understand the meaning of life from our Creator’s perspective, and implementing the little things you learn in your daily life. 

Reading the bible or connecting with God brings a certain calm to one’s life that is undeniable. You can get the most authentic Bible of Jerusalem from Holyart and begin your journey of building a relationship with the almighty. 


  • Define Your Purpose

Finding meaning and purpose in your life will provide you with the enthusiasm and vitality needed to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Create objectives in order to give every day a sense of focus and purpose, and work toward achieving those objectives. When you are defining objectives for yourself, it is important to be aware of both your capabilities and your constraints. 

It’s possible that we won’t be able to do all we wish to or believe we ought to, but figuring out your priorities will help you establish more achievable targets. Comparisons between yourself and others who can naturally cope with greater levels of stress in their lives should be avoided at all costs.


  • Devote Some Time to Pray and Meditate 


There are instances when you are too flustered with work or burdened with responsibilities to take the time to reflect, and if you do so, you will become more anxious as a result of the missed time. However, making time to meditate regularly may help us perform better in all of the other activities that we engage in. You need to understand that meditation could be a handy tool for strengthening your connection with God and assisting you in developing the connection that was discussed before. You will also feel less stressed when you express yourself in front of God. After some time, you will observe improvements in your life, and sharing everything with the divine force may become standard practice for you.


. Mental Health and Religious Faith Go Hand in Hand 

There have been a great number of empirical studies on the possibility of a significant relation being between religious belief and psychological well-being. In 2012, the research findings that were similarly intended to determine the association between belief in religion and the start and course of severe depression were published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. 

The study was designed to follow participants over time. According to the research findings, participants in the research who defined their religious affiliation as being either Catholic or Protestant and said that religion played a significant role in their lives had a 76% lower likelihood of suffering a major depressive episode throughout the study’s 10 year period. The results have led the researchers to conclude that religion and spirituality should be taken into account by physicians throughout the diagnostic process for mental illness.