Red Lentil Cream Soup Recipe to Decorate a Lenten Table

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This soup not only meets the restrictions of a lean diet, but also has a lot of beneficial properties. How to cook this dish with an unusual taste, we will tell you in our material.

Lentils are often called the queen of legumes, as they contain a huge amount of iron. Groats successfully replace meat, as they are 60% protein. It also strengthens the immune system, increases the overall tone of the body and cleanses the human gastrointestinal tract from toxins. Studies have shown that lentils improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and normalize blood pressure, writes Volgogradskaya

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For a spicy cream soup, you need to take: 200 g of red lentils, two large carrots, a celery stalk, two tomatoes, a quarter of a red onion, 800 g of water and one and a half teaspoons of sea salt. From spices, you need to take half a teaspoon of cumin, one hot pepper, half a spoonful of turmeric and one spoonful of curry.

Place a pot of water on a fire. Place the lentils along with the diced carrots. Cook until lentils are completely soft.

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Add salt and all seasonings to the saucepan a few minutes until ready. After removing from the stove, allow the resulting mass to cool slightly, and then add chopped tomatoes, celery and onions. Grind everything with a blender in mashed potatoes.

Pour the spicy creamy soup into bowls, garnish with herbs and serve with croutons.