Recovered from coronavirus Kutsenko spoke about the insidiousness of the disease

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Actor Gosha Kutsenko, who has recovered from the coronavirus, posted a video message to the Russians on Instagram on Wednesday, October 28.

Kutsenko spoke about his recovery and thanked all the specialists who are fighting the pandemic.

“Two weeks of struggle in earnest! A very insidious disease. The most difficult of all that had to be endured! Do not believe denying covid, its treatment and, most importantly, masks! People don’t know what they are talking about! Trust doctors and those who have suffered. Especially in a bad shape! ”- wrote the actor in the caption to the video.

The artist also urged everyone to wear medical masks and cited China as an example. According to Kutsenko, thanks to personal protective equipment and adherence to social distance, the country managed to defeat the epidemic.

On October 26, it became known that the Russian actor Sergei Nikonenko had had a coronavirus. According to the artist, he spent five days in the hospital, two of which were in intensive care. Now Nikonenko feels well.

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