Record-breaking truck Progress MS-14 was de-orbited and flooded

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The Russian cargo vehicle Progress MS-14, which undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) the day before, was de-orbited and flooded. This was reported on April 29 on the Roscosmos website.

Progress MS-14 undocked from the Zvezda module of the ISS Russian segment at 2.11 Moscow time on April 28. Earlier, Roskosmos said that the ship would not be de-orbited immediately, and that it would be kept in autonomous flight for another day to test a new attitude control system during flooding.

It is noted that at 03.01 Moscow time the main engine was switched on for braking. After working for 4 minutes, he gave the spacecraft a braking impulse of 120 m / s, after which Progress MS-14 descended from near-earth orbit and ceased to exist.

“Fragments of the spacecraft unburnt in the Earth’s atmosphere fell at 03.42.27 Moscow time at the” cemetery of spaceships “in the non-navigable region of the South Pacific Ocean, 3150 kilometers from the city of Wellington (New Zealand),” Roscosmos reported.

As reported on March 28, Progress MS-14 set a record for the longest flight for ships of this family. Prior to that, Progress M-17, which was in orbit in 1993-1994 for 337 days, was considered the record holder. At the time of the sinking, the duration of the Progress MS-14 flight was 369 days.

The Progress spacecraft are used to deliver crew cargo, fuel, oxygen, air and drinking water to the ISS. Since 1978, 168 launches of Progress spacecraft of various modifications have been carried out, three of them did not reach the station due to the accidents of launch vehicles in 2011, 2015 and 2016.