Reconstruction of treatment facilities begins in the city of Bui, Kostroma region

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In the Kostroma regional center Bui, within the framework of the federal program “Clean Water”, work is underway to reconstruct a local pumping and filtering station. The customer for the work that has already begun is the Municipal Order Service, and the general contractor is Ekovodstroy LLC from Smolensk.

The head of the city of Bui, Igor Ralnikov, says that according to reconstruction plans, by mid-December 2021, new equipment should be installed at the Buiskaya NFS and a reservoir of clean water should be built, from which the city will be able to receive 4,300 cubic meters of drinking water per day.

A representative of Ekovodstroy LLC notes that water supply to Bui is not an easy task, since in the local reservoir from which the city’s water supply is carried out, the composition of impurities changes periodically, the color of the water is present – and the company had to work hard to select water purification technologies and the necessary equipment.

The subcontractor of Ekovodstroy LLC in the implementation of the NFS reconstruction project is the Buisk organization “Stroytekhservice”. Now its employees are directly involved in the construction process: they carry out dismantling work, replace windows and roofs, and update the facade of the NSF building. Throughout the year, work will continue on the sewerage and heating, landscaping, etc. But the main task for the Bui-chan builders will be the construction of a reservoir for clean water.

The progress of work on the modernization of the NSF will be monitored by an organization directly subordinate to the Ministry of Construction of Russia. RosStroyKontrol will supervise the progress of the work right up to its commissioning.