Reasons For Headaches After A Car Accident

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Headaches can be debilitating. Headaches after car accidents are quite common. It is one of the common side-effects of experiencing a traumatizing incident. Sometimes headaches are ignored as a side effect of stress, but a severe headache can have serious underlying medical conditions.

If you get headaches after an auto accident, you should seek a medical diagnosis no matter how minor the pain may be. It is recommended by Los Angeles car accident attorneys to document your injuries as quickly as possible. Pieces of medical evidence are crucial in building your personal injury car accident case.

Reasons for headaches after a car accident

People suffer from headaches due to several reasons after a car accident. Some headaches are born from normal stress, which subsides quickly, sometimes without medication. However, some headaches are born because of an internal injury that needs professional care. The most common causes of headaches after an accident include the following.

1. Whiplash.

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when a sudden movement happens, which causes your head to suddenly move forward and then backward. Whiplash is mostly seen in rear-end car accidents. It is a soft tissue injury in the neck that can cause excruciating pain. Whiplash pain is often not apparent at first, and one of the first symptoms is a headache.

2. A blow to the head.

When another vehicle hits your car with extreme force, it can cause you to hit your hard on the steering wheel, window, or another object in the car, resulting in pain. The impact of such accidents is significant, which results in headaches afterward.

3. Concussion.

A concussion occurs due to a sudden blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head and the body. It is a traumatic brain injury and can affect the function of the brain. A concussion can take hours or days after the event to show symptoms. The initial symptoms mostly include headaches and problems with concentration.

4. Fractures.

Bone fractures can also result in headaches. A fractured skull or neck bone headache occurs at the back of the head and neck. You may experience mild to severe headaches, depending on the extent of the fracture.

How to know if your headache is an indication of something serious?

Headaches are an extremely common phenomenon that most people experience, making it difficult to be taken seriously. Looking out for certain signs can help you determine whether it is serious or not.

  • You are suddenly experiencing headaches after the accident.
  • Your headache has lasted more than a week.
  • Your headache keeps coming back even after taking medications.
  • You are experiencing other new symptoms along with a headache.