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TIP I love using Gigi Pip coupons to shop, save money, and test new products. So that you have an easy start, here are my tips for you. 


My tips 

1) Buy a big money box 😉 There the saved money goes into it, accurate to the cent, after every purchase. So you can see exactly how much you have saved. Write the start date on the can. 


2) Get brochures (advertising), coupon magazines (e.g. from Rewet), take a look around the shops. There the coupons hang on the shelves. At you can have these sent to you free of charge. You save yourself printing it out. 


3) When you have everything, have a cup of coffee . Look at the ads, cut out coupons. 


4) Example: You have a € 1 coupon for Milka chocolate. Read through to see which businesses it applies to. Eg at Edeka for € 0.69 on offer. Then grab it. Invoice: 8 x 0.69 = 5.52 – 1 € coupon = 4.52 € per board 0.56 € 


5) This is how you offset all coupons. Coupons are only really worthwhile in the offer! Only buy what you really need / use. 


6) I use the Rossmann app. There is an additional 10% on coupons. 


7) Look out for coupons from Henkel / P&G etc. With them you can get real bargains! Example Lenor Pods: Offer was € 2.79, coupon value € 4 if you buy 4 products. 4 x € 2.79 = € 11.16-4 = € 7.16 = € 1.79 per 1 Lenor Pods 


8) If you want to use cash back products, I recommend Secondo. Here you can upload your receipt and get the money refunded. Attention! Read the conditions carefully beforehand! Otherwise there might be no money. 


9) If you have small children / babies: register at the baby clubs. Rossmann, dm, Real, Pampers etc. The coupons will be sent to you. 


10) I really enjoy trying new products. I only do that with coupons. So I don’t need to be angry if I don’t like the product, it tastes good, smells good, etc. You are welcome to write to me if you have any questions. Oh yes: With my savings we go on vacation with the whole family 🙂 This makes it twice as fun and even my husband is infected. Have fun saving!

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