Rapper Kodak Black convicted of assault on teenager

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Rap artist from the United States under the pseudonym Kodak Black was sentenced to 18 months probation for assaulting a teenager in a hotel room. This was reported on April 29 by ABC News.

Previously, the rapper has already served a sentence in prisons. After serving half a term (1.5 years instead of 3 years), at that time, US President Donald Trump pardoned the musician.

It is clarified that this time the case in which the rap artist was sentenced to probation occurred back in 2016. Then he attacked a teenage girl in a hotel after his show. The girl later complained to a school employee, who filed charges with the police.

Initially, the young man was accused of rape, but he later accepted the terms of the deal and pleaded guilty to a first-degree assault.

According to the investigation, the rapper faces 10 years in prison if he violates the conditions of an 18-month probationary period.

On April 15, it became known that in Moscow, rapper Elmin Guliyev, who became the culprit of an accident in the capital, was sentenced to 4 years in prison with serving a sentence in a general regime colony. An accident involving the artist, better known as Elley, happened in September last year. Mercedes and Infiniti cars collided at the intersection of Ostozhenka Street and Pomerantseva Lane. As a result, Infiniti was thrown onto the sidewalk, a foreign car hit pedestrians. Four people were injured.