Rally with dozens of rare cars started in Crimea

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The five-day rally “Nakhimov” with the participation of dozens of rare cars started in Crimea. Its participants arrived from Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, the Izvestia TV channel reports.

Rally “Nakhimov”, which will take place in all major cities of the peninsula, is a kind of start of the autotourism season on the peninsula. Volga, Zhiguli and Pobeda will visit Evpatoria, Simferopol, Yalta, Sudak.

“This is the original, almost all the parts that left the factory are on this car,” rally participant Alexander Bulaev tells about his GAZ M20 Pobeda. – The engine, transmission are all factory-supplied. Of course they have been restored. The engine was completely restored and refurbished by craftsmen from Nizhny Novgorod. The body was made in Ivanovo, it was also assembled by craftsmen from Ivanovo. “

One of the favorites of the race is the improved GAZ-21.

“This is a car that participates in various events for training drivers of our top officials of the state, including we often participate in the refinement and preparation of Aurus cars, which our president now drives,” explained Alexei Vasiliev, a rally participant.

The first stop of the column was the Inkerman vintage wines factory. Drivers, navigators and a support group visited the cellars where wine is made according to the classical technology. And the awarding ceremony for the winners of the Nakhimov rally will take place at the Novy Svet champagne factory.

The Izvestia TV channel is available in the packages of cable operators, in Moscow it is located on the 26th button. The channel is also broadcast live on the iz.ru website.