Putin promised not to leave Donbass

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Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that Russia will not abandon Donbass. He said this on February 10 at a meeting with the chief editors of the Russian media.

During the conversation, the head of state admitted that before his eyes there are some injured people, especially children, in the Donbass.

“On our shoulders, I say“ ours and you, ”because you are the fourth estate – a huge responsibility for the Russian Federation as a whole. And before making any decision, we must think about the consequences of any of our steps, ”Putin said.

At the same time, the president said: “We will not leave Donbass. No matter what”.

The President’s meeting with media representatives was held in a closed format via videoconference. The next day, the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said that Putin’s communication with the editor-in-chief of the media was long, the president answered all questions exhaustively.

The Kremlin spokesman promised that among the main statements, a fragment with the words of the Russian leader about Donbass will be published.

Also earlier, Peskov, answering the question under what conditions Russia is ready to include Donbass in the state, assured this issue is not on the agenda, but the Russian Federation will continue to protect the interests of the Russian-speaking population.