Putin congratulated Russian figure skaters on winning the team World Cup

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Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian national team on winning the 2021 World Team Trophy World Cup, held on April 17 in Osaka, Japan.

“Congratulations on your triumph in the Team Figure Skating World Cup in Osaka. Such a beautiful, confident victory is a well-deserved reward for your unsurpassed skill, tremendous diligence and solidarity. And of course, the warmest words of recognition are addressed to your coaches and mentors, ”his words are quoted on the website of the Russian leader.

Putin also wished the Russian national team every success and all the best.

On April 17, it became known that the Russian national team won the world team championship in figure skating for the first time in history. It was noted that 17-year-old Anna Shcherbakova took the first place according to the results of the free program in the singles competitions, gaining 160.58 points. The second was Kaori Sakamoto (150.29 points), the bronze was won by the Russian woman Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (146.23).

Thus, in the overall standings, the Russian national team scored 125 points, becoming the leader of the championship. Team USA with 110 points was the second, and the third place was taken by figure skaters from Japan, they had 107 points.

In a conversation with “Sport Express” the Russians were also congratulated by the honored coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova, she said that “everyone skated just amazingly, giving all their strength to the team.”