Putin awarded a schoolboy hero from Birobidzhan

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Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded a schoolboy from Birobidzhan who pulled three adults out of a burning apartment with a medal “For the rescue of the dead.” This is stated in the decree of the Russian leader, published on Friday, February 12, on the Internet portal of legal information.

“For the courage and determination shown in rescuing people in extreme conditions, to award the medal“ For the rescue of the perished ”K. Alexander Vitalievich – student of the municipal budgetary educational institution“ Special (correctional) school ”in the city of Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Region,” the decree says …

It is known that in May 2020, a two-apartment residential building caught fire in the village of Birofeld in the Jewish Autonomous Region. A schoolboy from Birobidzhan was with relatives and was near the scene of the incident. Trying to help the people who remained in the building, he broke a window and entered the apartment where the sleeping adults were. The boy woke up the residents and helped them get out of the burning house. The schoolboy saved a woman and two men.

“Many onlookers watched the fire, many filmed the incident without even calling the firefighters. Only Alexander, showing courage, rushed to the burning house and did everything to save people! Thank you to the Komplektovs family for raising a son who can be proud of! ”Said Vladislav Bordunov, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Earlier, on February 12, in the north of Moscow, a policeman rescued a woman from a fire by jumping with her into a snowdrift from the fourth floor, on which there was a burning apartment.

The incident took place in an apartment in a residential building in Bolshoy Koptevsky proezd. The area of ​​the fire was 40 sq. m. During the patrol, senior police sergeant Maxim Kravchenko and police sergeant Vladimir Skoptsov received information about the fire and immediately went to the scene of the emergency. Upon arrival, they noticed plumes of black smoke and flames erupting from the apartment on the fourth floor.