Pushkov saw the double standards of the US media in relation to Biden and Trump

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Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov gave an example of the double standards that the American media apply to the current and former American presidents – Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

On February 21, he commented on the message of the Telegram channel Police Frequency, which claims that during Biden’s presidency (from January 20 – Ed.) In the United States, almost 100 thousand Americans died from coronavirus.

“If it were under Trump, the American media would only write about this. But the journalists of the leading American media have long turned into hired or voluntary landsknechts of democrats and liberals, “Pushkov stated.

Earlier, on February 13, a member of the Federation Council said that, in his opinion, forgeries became the essence of US domestic political life.

According to Pushkov, falsifications, manipulations and forgeries continue in America, as the Democrats “edit and distort” Trump’s appeal to his supporters in order to thereby accuse him of calling for rebellion.