Pushkov ridiculed Biden’s election promises

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The pre-election promises of the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, are nothing more than rhetoric, said the head of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy Alexei Pushkov.

The senator recalled that in his campaign speech at the Democratic convention, Biden promised, if he wins, to take tough measures and end the coronavirus, poverty, climate change and racism.

“I just forgot to add that it will ensure the second coming. It is clear that these promises are impracticable. Poverty will not go away, COVID-19 is indifferent to the results of the US elections, as well as the climate, “Pushkov wrote on 23 August in Twitter.

On August 18, the candidacy of former US Vice President Biden was approved at the congress of the Democratic Party. Senator Kamala Harris was named the vice presidential candidate the next day.

On August 21, he formally agreed to run for the Democratic presidency.

During his speech, Biden promised that if he wins, the United States will overcome the “era of darkness”, and also said that the country is ready to eradicate systemic racism.

The current President Donald Trump said that the Democrats will win only if the election results are falsified.

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