Pushkov recalled Bulgaria’s alliance with Hitler

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Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy and Interaction with the Media, was surprised at the “degree of hatred” of Bulgarians towards Russia and recalled that Bulgaria was an ally of Adolf Hitler during World War II.

On April 29, the Bulgarian online magazine Dnevnik published a translation of an article by the German edition of Deutsche Welle, in which journalists write that Turkey is not satisfied with Russia’s activity in the Black Sea and therefore supports Ukraine.

Commenting on the article, the residents of Bulgaria expressed regret about the situation in Ukraine, and some said that Turkey would be able to help the Ukrainian military to resist Russia. At the same time, one of the commentators wrote that “the entire civilized world is united in NATO” and “in the event of a conflict, the Russians will be erased from the map before they understand where to launch the missiles.”

In response, Pushkov called such reasoning narrow-minded and was amazed at the aggression of some Bulgarians.

“The predecessors of this public once also referred Bulgaria to the“ civilized world ”headed by Hitler. Do not forget that during the Second World War Bulgaria was Hitler’s ally, ”the Russian senator wrote on Twitter.

Earlier that day, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of the Russian diplomat from the country by May 5, and also asked Russia to provide full assistance to the Bulgarian authorities in the investigation of the explosions at the Bulgarian arms depots, in which six Russians are suspected.

In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry promised to respond to this step of Bulgaria.