Pushkov called Facebook a division of the US intelligence services

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The social network Facebook is a division of the American intelligence services. This was announced on Monday, May 3, by Senator Alexei Pushkov.

Thus, he reacted to information in the media about possible paid subscriptions of Facebook and Instagram, which will protect personal data.

“Most of the users are ready to exchange their personal data for the usual conveniences of this messenger. And I absolutely do not mind being followed, ”Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

However, he added that it is too early to make predictions about the collapse of the social network.

On April 8, Roskomnadzor (RKN) promised to prosecute Facebook, Twitter and Google if they do not provide information on the localization of personal data of Russian users. They recalled that they once again demanded that the Facebook and Twitter administrations provide data on the localization of databases of Russian users in the Russian Federation.

On April 6, Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor Milos Wagner reported that the agency demanded that Facebook report on the localization of personal data of Russian users. According to him, a letter with the requirement to tell about the progress of transferring user data to the territory of the Russian Federation was sent to the company a month ago.

On April 3, it became known that more than 500 million Facebook users had leaked personal data and phone numbers to the Internet, including almost 10 million users from Russia. A company representative said that the data was extracted due to a vulnerability that was fixed in 2019.

Since August 2015, a law has been in effect in Russia that obliges Internet companies that work with personal data of Russians to register as an organizer of information dissemination (ORI) and store all information transmitted and received by residents of the country for six months on the territory of the Russian Federation.