Pushkov announced the threat of a new Cold War with the United States because of Biden

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Because of the policies of US President Joe Biden, there is a threat of a cold war. This was announced on March 20 by Senator Alexei Pushkov in an interview with French columnist Christian Malard.

“The danger of a new cold war does exist. It will begin if Biden forgets that the United States is unable to defeat Russia. They must accept this fact, ”he said on the air of the i24news TV channel.

Pushkov stressed that the United States needs to move towards achieving mutual understanding in global spheres, but it can start from narrower, but no less important areas, for example, from nuclear security issues.

Biden said on March 17 that Russia must “pay” for “meddling” in the 2020 US elections. In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin wished Biden health the next day and recalled the children’s teaser “whoever calls his name is called that.”

On the same day, the Russian leader invited Biden to hold an open conversation, in fact, online, noting that such a format would be of interest not only to the peoples of the United States and the Russian Federation, but also to many in the world.

On March 19, the American leader announced that he would talk with Putin again “at some point.”