Pushkov announced Blinken’s proposal of a fictitious dialogue between Russia

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explained that the American administration needs a dialogue with Russia in order to express objections to Moscow’s actions. Senator Alexey Pushkov shared this opinion on his Telegram channel on April 14.

Earlier, Blinken said that the United States would prefer stable and predictable relations with the Russian Federation. According to him, this requires open lines of communication so that the United States can clearly speak about its “views, policies, objections to Russia’s actions.”

“Ingenious. If only for the sake of appearance, he said: we want to find points of potential cooperation, but no. And we know about objections from the United States even without dialogue. However, if Washington sees an American monologue instead of a dialogue, then there will be no sense. NATO offers us such a fictitious dialogue: they will explain something to us from a “position of strength”, and we must agree, ”Pushkov wrote.

The senator noted that in the case of the North Atlantic Alliance, Moscow recalled the ambassador to NATO from Brussels, “because it does not need a fictitious dialogue in the form of a sum of ultimatums”. According to Pushkov, Blinken needs to study the unsuccessful experience of Stoltenberg before the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, “if it takes place.”

On April 13, a telephone conversation took place between Putin and Biden, initiated by the American side. The leaders of the two countries discussed Russian-American relations and a number of important international issues.

In addition, Biden reaffirmed his commitment to building a stable and predictable relationship with Russia in line with US interests and offered to hold a summit to discuss a set of issues facing countries.

On the same day, the UN welcomed an open dialogue between the presidents. The organization said the conversation was necessary to maintain peace and security.

Washington offered to hold talks in one of the European countries. The press service of the Munich Security Conference noted that “they would consider it an honor” to take up the organization of a meeting between Russia and the United States.

In addition, Finland and the Czech Republic expressed their readiness to provide a platform for negotiations between Putin and Biden.