Pushkov accused Zelensky of lack of principles

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Senator Alexei Pushkov on Saturday, March 13, expressed his opinion on the appeal to the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the Servant of the People party to unite on “issues of principle for the country.”

According to him, the Ukrainian leader “means total support from the” servants of the people “for any new” unprincipled turn “. According to the politician, Zelensky is a president without principles.

“He seemed to have a principle – not to touch the Russian language. Touched. There was a principle – to try to “win the minds and souls” of the inhabitants of Donbass. He changed this “principle” without even trying … There was a principle: to restore democracy after Poroshenko’s rule. But instead, Zelenskiy stopped her – even what was left of her by closing three TV channels. There was a principle – the willingness to kneel down for the sake of peace. Canceled: residents of the DPR / LPR were invited to kneel, ”the senator wrote in his Telegram channel.

In conclusion, Pushkov noted that the demand of the Ukrainian president for the members of his party to “vote amicably” turns “servants of the people” into “just servants.”

On March 1, it became known that the Ukrainian pro-presidential party Servant of the People was deprived of state funding due to violations in financial reporting. The political forces found signs of criminal offenses under the articles “Violation of the procedure for financing the election campaign”, “Official falsification of official documents” and “Embezzlement, embezzlement of property on an especially large scale or taking possession of it through abuse of official position” in the documents for two reporting periods.

According to the latest polls, Servant of the People is in third place in the rating of political parties in Ukraine – 16.3% of the country’s residents are ready to vote for it. This was evidenced by the data of the Kiev Institute of Sociological and Marketing Research as of March 1, 2021.