Pushkov accused Facebook of groundless appropriation of censor functions

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Facebook, having blocked access to information of some Russian media, took over the functions of a censor, without any reason and authority. This was announced on March 7 by the chairman of the Federation Council commission on information policy and interaction with the media, Alexei Pushkov.

“Facebook takes over the functions of a censor, that is, finding out the circumstances of the appearance of the material, its reliability and so on. Facebook, as a platform, should reproduce the positions that are presented by users and those media outlets that have accounts on Facebook, and it is not the task of the network company to determine how reliable this is, ”TASS said.

If the published information turned out to be unreliable, and someone considered himself injured because of this, then you can file a lawsuit for publication, Pushkov emphasized. He also drew attention to the fact that Facebook does not prohibit the publication of photographs with “neo-Nazi marches in the center of Kiev” or the opinions of Ukrainian radicals.

“But as soon as it comes to Russia, then the itch of political censors immediately arises and they begin to say that something corresponds to reality, but something is not,” he added.

Earlier, on March 7, the administration of the social network restricted access to information materials published in the accounts of the Russian media Vzglyad, RBC and TASS about the detention of supporters of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group MKU by the Russian FSB in Voronezh.

Roskomnadzor sent a letter to the management of the social network demanding to restore access to publications. In turn, Anton Gorelkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, called the blocking a classic example of political censorship.