Published video of tests of the missile complex “Ball” in an anechoic chamber

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On March 7, the Zvezda TV channel published a video of a missile test of the Bal coastal defense complex in an anechoic chamber.

“When leaving the container, the rocket makes a hill, then descends to the marching altitude, maneuvers and searches for a target,” said Stanislav Sychev, Deputy General Designer for Innovative Development of the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation.

According to him, the distance to the target in the camera is about five meters, which corresponds to one hundred kilometers on the ground.

The rocket targets two emitting horns. They were fixed on a special platform and move along vertical rails that move in different directions, thus simulating the continuous movement of the target.

At the end of last year, Izvestia, referring to sources in the military department, reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense would strengthen the defense of the Leningrad naval base with modern anti-ship coastal missile systems (BRK) Bal, which are capable of destroying small boats and ships, as well as fight amphibious assault. The interlocutors of the publication noted that the formation of the Ball division will be completed in 2021.