Psychologist spoke about social phobia due to coronavirus

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After relaxing the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, society faced social anxiety. Where it came from and how it can be overcome, psychologist Sergei Klyuchnikov said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The increased focus on COVID-19 over the months has led people to become very wary of anything they believe could pose a potential hazard, he said. The specialist noted that now many are afraid because they see in other people the source of disease and infection.

To cope with the emerging social phobia, it takes time and an understanding that people need communication, and a pandemic is not forever, Klyuchnikov believes.

According to him, in order to defeat fear, you need to think about the positive aspects of communication, more often remember that communication is pleasant.

“Everyone has a need for communication, people are hungry for communication. We need to think about people not only as a source of danger, but also as a source of luxury of human communication, ”explained the psychologist.

He added that it is necessary to realize that “people are becoming immune to the coronavirus and the pandemic is on the decline.”

At the end of January, psychologist Anna Kartashova said that people would rather be happy to return to the office after a long work from home than experience stress.

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