Pskov traffic police chief: Believe me, we have something to catch up with violators

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“Believe me, we have something to catch up with those who violate the traffic rules,” warned the head of the UGIBDD for the city of Pskov, Vladimir Paport, on August 12 on the radio “Echo of Moscow” in Pskov.

Speech in an interview with the host of the program turned about motorcyclists who violate the speed limit. The presenter questioned whether the traffic police inspectors could catch up with a good motorcycle on work vehicles.

“We are catching up with them. “Skoda Octavia”, “BMW 525” are quite dynamic cars, – Vladimir Paport assured. – Who does not stop – we catch up. Believe me, there are no problems with most of this category of road users, especially with the biker clubs we work with. They even carry out preventive work themselves. We have no bias towards motorcyclists. “

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