Pskov Heating Networks planted a lawn on Narodnaya Street in Pskov

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Employees of Pskov Heating Networks improved the territory on Narodnaya Street in Pskov. This was “MK in Pskov” reported in the press service of the municipal enterprise.

In 2020, a section of the lawn was excavated on Narodnaya Street for work, which residents used as a parking lot. “Pskov Heating Networks” promised the residents of Pskov to restore and improve the territory.

The workers, as part of the restoration work, planted the lawn grass, having previously dug up and loosened the site. In addition, the sown seeds were rolled with a special roller so that they would not scatter.

“As soon as the grass rises, we will remove the fences, and the residents will be free to dispose of this site at their discretion. If they want, they can bask on the grass, if they want, they can park their cars again, ”added the press service of the municipal enterprise.