Psaki spoke about Biden’s dog that bit the guard

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The dogs of the President of the United States, Champ and Major, are getting used to the new environment and new people, they will soon return to the White House after the incident with the attack on the person. On March 9, during a briefing, this was announced by the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki.

“On Monday, the youngest of them, Major, was taken by surprise by the appearance of a stranger, and this turned into a reaction that led to minor injury to the person,” said a spokesman for the US administration in Twitter… She did not specify who was the victim.

The staff of the White House medical unit helped the bitten man; hospitalization was not required.

According to Psaki, the departure of the dogs was planned in advance for the trip of the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, for three days. The animals will be in Delaware.

In November, Biden’s doctor said that doctors recorded two small fractures in the politician’s foot, similar to a bone fracture. The Democrat’s office noted that the incident occurred the day before while playing with the dog.

Later, the Democrat clarified that he injured his leg when he tried to grab one of his pets by the tail.