Prosecutor Prigarov in Saratov ended up in the IVS cell immediately after being released from house arrest

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The prosecutor of the Kirovsky district of Saratov, Andrei Prigarov, who was released from house arrest by the Saratov regional court yesterday at 15:00, was unable to enjoy freedom.

As Alexey Morozov, Prigarov’s defender, told the MK in Saratov correspondent, immediately from the regional court his client was invited to the investigation department of the Investigative Directorate of the ICR in the Leninsky District of Saratov. The goal is to conduct an interrogation in a criminal case initiated on January 13, 2021, according to which the prosecutor is suspected of receiving a bribe in the amount of 15 million rubles. from the CEO of a housing organization. We remind you that this is the second criminal case involving Prigarov, the first was initiated in the morning of December 31, 2020, and it also deals with a bribe in the amount of 18 million rubles. by the funeral agency.

The summons was presented in the building of the regional court. Prigarov managed to visit a dental clinic because he needs dental treatment and has not been able to leave the house for the past two weeks. Then, together with a lawyer, I went to the investigation department.

The interrogation in the Leninsky SB lasted several hours, until nightfall. Its result was a new detention of the prosecutor of the Kirovsky district, he was placed in a cell of a temporary detention center for two days in accordance with Article 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Russia. According to the lawyer Morozov, today the investigation’s petition can be sent to the Leninsky District Court to elect Andrey Prigarov a preventive measure in a new criminal case.

As you know, house arrest was chosen as a preventive measure in the first, “New Year’s” criminal case for the prosecutor, taking into account his positive characteristics and the presence of a young child. This measure was not liked either by the city prosecutor’s office, where it was considered too soft, or by Prigarov’s defense, convinced that arrest, even at home, was unnecessary, since he was not guilty of anything.

Both parties came out with a petition to change the preventive measure or its complete cancellation. Yesterday in the regional court this confrontation was resolved in favor of the defense, house arrest was canceled. Then, without interruption, interrogation and detention in the IVS followed. We are waiting for further developments.

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