Promotional videos for Online Courses 

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With the growing technology, online teaching platforms are also increasing at a much faster rate. Every day a new course is being launched and the e-learning competition looks like a never-ending race. To stand out from the crowd and ensure successful course selling, online course creators need to follow the right promotional and marketing strategies. 

Only developing an online course doesn’t end your duties. To make it reach out to potential customers faster, making promotional videos holds utmost significance. A promo video for your online course is a particular type of video made to showcase, advertise or promote your product, course, and services. Let us discuss its importance in detail. 

Benefits of promotional videos

  • More engaging 

We all know how much today’s generation of learners is involved with technology. Reading out the lengthy texts or printed information about any online course or product won’t catch their interest and attention. However, videos impress the target audience well. The audio and visual elements, mark a valuable impact on the learners. They become more engaged and connected with your course. Therefore, promotion via videos is quite beneficial. 

  • Helps to connect with the audience better 

Reading about your online course won’t make a long-lasting impact on the audience. However by watching the promotional videos, students understand your course services well, and they show more interest. The brain catches the information in the form of visuals better. People will be able to remember your online course and brand better. For how to sell courses online effectively, this works the best. 

  • Enhance course sales 

Promotional videos can be posted on different platforms like social media accounts, youtube, course selling websites, and email marketing too. This helps to reach out to a wider audience. The more they reach, the more people will get to know about your course, and the better will be the online course sales. 

The three-step process for online course promotion via videos 

  1. Plan
  • Decide the method:  for making a quality promotional video, making a plan of action is very important. Make a to-do list including topics, resources, necessary digital tools, location, theme, and more. Decide in which way or format you will start and wind up the work respectively. 
  • Research well the competition: the main purpose of promoting your course is to be the learning preference of the target audience. To do so, keep a close eye on your competitors. See what more you can do to make your promotional video more unique, different, and impactful. 
  1. Produce
  • Practice: if you are producing your promotional video on your own, and not hiring any actor or artist to appear in it, self-practice is important. Practice the dialogues or information that you have to record. Practice makes a man perfect and this will help you to produce a high-quality promotional video. 
  • Record: after practice comes to the final step which is recording the promotional video. Select the right space for it. Whether the home workstation or a studio, professionalism should stay intact. Make sure to have the right tools such as a camera, tripod, spotlight, headset, etc. 
  • Edit: last but not least, comes the step of editing. Not all the content recorded will be apt to share. You need to edit the clips to produce a high-quality promotional video. Keep it short and specific. Add music and other engaging elements like infographics, images, and more. 
  1. Spread it or promote 
  • Use social media: On your social media accounts like Instagram, and Facebook, post your promotional video. Keep the profiles public so that your video reaches out to more people. 
  • Influencer collaboration: Your social media account reach can be limited but this doesn’t happen with the content creators and influencers. Collaborate with social educational entrepreneurs or with influencers who align well with your niche. Ask them to promote your course video on their social media platforms. This will help you to reach out to the target audience faster and better. 
  • Using YouTube: For producing and sharing video content, youtube is a widely used application. So make sure to promote your online course video here too. Make a youtube channel, work for it regularly and post your promotional video here too. 
  • Sharing links: On social mode applications like Twitter, post links of your promotional video posted on other platforms. On your course website too, the link to a promotional video can be added. In email marketing too, promotional video links can be added to reach out to the target audience faster. 


To win the e-learning competition and expand your online course sales, promoting it via videos is very helpful. We discussed its benefits in detail. By following the above-mentioned three-step process, online course creators can produce high-quality promotional videos and make them reach out to the target audience respectively.