Program of socio-economic development of the region will be discussed with Tula residents

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Today, on March 11, on behalf of Alexei Dyumin, the first meeting of the Governor’s Expert Council took place in the Oktava creative industrial cluster in Tula. The website of the Tula regional government reports.

The head of the executive power of the Tula region set the task to form a new Program for the development of the region until 2026.

At the meeting of the Expert Council, the participants summed up the results of the previous “Program”, calculated until 2021. The main goals and objectives of the new document were outlined.

The new “Program” will contain seven strategic directions. These are “People”, “Ecology. Long-term policy “,” Resources. Industrial Development “,” Knowledge and Innovation Activity “,” Infrastructure. Advanced development ”,“ Communications. International and regional cooperation “and” Management. Modern region “.

The program stipulates that the activities of the “Situational Center of the Governor of the Tula Region” will be expanded.

The main positions of the new program for the development of the region will be widely discussed with the public and the expert community of the region in the next 10 days.

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