Procession for St. George’s Day took place in Aleppo

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A festive procession dedicated to the memory of St. George the Victorious took place in Syrian Aleppo on Saturday, April 24. This was announced by the rector of the city church of St. George Johann Jamus.

According to him, the procession was attended by Christian clergy from all over Syria, 800-900 people gathered.

The priest added that the life story of Saint George is widely known in Syria, and local Christians often call their children after him. In Aleppo and Latakia there are churches consecrated in the name of this saint.

Zhamus added that services in the Aleppo Church of St. George continued during the war. He noted that the militants’ shells fell very close, but none of them hit the church.

The Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious is one of the most famous and revered saints in the Christian world. According to the canonical version of the life, he suffered during the Great Persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian and after eight days of torture in 303 was beheaded. One of the most famous tales of his miracles is The Miracle of the Serpent. On the anniversary of the death of the saint, April 23 (May 6), the day of his memory is celebrated.

In November 2020, Christian residents of the Syrian city of Maaloula said terrorists forced them to convert to Islam, threatening them with reprisals.