Prince William is the most handsome bald man

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Prince William is the sexiest bald man on the planet beating American stars like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

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According to the British magazine The Sun, this ranking is based on the greatest number of searches via blogs or on Google of the word “sexy” associated with these personalities.

Prince William ranks number one with over 17 million searches.

Next, Mike Tyson and Jason Statham follow with eight and seven million mentions.

Dwayne Johnson, who won the magazine’s 2016 Most Handsome Man award People, is much lower on the list with the ninth position, having collected 2.6 million searches.

The actors and personalities who find themselves in the top 10 of bald men, according to what reports The Sun, are Pitbull (4), Michael Jordan (5), Floyd Mayweather (6), John Travolta (7), Bruce Willis (8) and Vin Dielsel (10).