Prigogine expressed hope for Povetkin’s victory in the battle with White

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Russian producer Iosif Prigozhin hopes for the victory of Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin in the upcoming rematch with British fighter Dillian White. The producer admitted this on March 27 in an interview with the REN TV channel.

According to Prigozhin, he will watch the fight on record. The producer refrained from predictions, but said that he believed in Povetkin, with whom he was friends.

“In boxing, just like in chess, it is difficult to make predictions. The strongest will win. I am on excellent terms with him. I will root for him. I hope he will win, ”said Prigozhin.

Actor Vladimir Sychev will also root for the Russian fighter. Earlier on the same day, the artist said that he would watch the broadcast of the fight on TV. According to Sychev, Povetkin is in good shape and will make every effort to win.

The fight between Povetkin and White will take place on the night of March 28 in Gibraltar. The REN TV channel will broadcast the fight live. The approximate start time for the rematch is after 0:15 Moscow time.

On March 26, the boxers went through the weigh-in procedure before the upcoming fight. As a result of weighing, White was eight kilograms heavier than his opponent. After the weigh-in procedure, Povetkin refused to make a forecast for the upcoming fight, but promised to show a “beautiful fight”.