Prigogine explained why he did not invite the children for his birthday

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Producer Iosif Prigozhin told the “Interlocutor” publication why he did not invite the children for their birthday. He noted with regret that the grown offspring are “each on their own wave” and it is very difficult to bring everyone together. Prigozhin noticed that he did not follow – who writes and does what, After leaving the hospital, it is difficult for him, and he doesn’t want to do it. The producer believes that he gave the children everything possible, raised them and let them float freely.

At the same time, Joseph Igorevich himself admitted that he had changed the restaurant a few days before the celebrations. And everyone who wanted to congratulate him called and asked where to drive up. The children did not call their father.

Earlier in her Instagram, Danae Prigogine, the producer’s daughter, wrote that she really wanted to get to her father’s birthday. But she was not invited there. Star dad did not understand his daughter’s claims.