Preparations for road repairs started in Birobidzhan

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In Birobidzhan, preparations have begun for road repairs, which will be carried out within the framework of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project. Contractors are dismantling the curb.

As the mayor of the city, Alexander Golovaty, said, after the above-zero temperatures are established at night, the workers will start paving.

As part of the national project in Birobidzhan this year, 21 roads with a total length of 18.44 km are to be brought into the normative state. The auctions for 15 objects have already passed, the contractors have been identified.

In addition, Governor Rostislav Goldstein decided to allocate additional funds from the regional budget for this purpose. Thus, in Birobidzhan, it will be possible to repair six more roads with a total length of 7.9 km, writes IA EAOMedia.

Earlier it was reported that from mid-April 20 FAPs in all districts of the region, which were built within the framework of the national project “Health”, should start operating in the Jewish Autonomous Region.