Pregnant without knowing it, she gives birth in mid-flight!

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While on her way for a week’s vacation in Hawaii, a young woman was surprised to give birth in mid-flight.

Lavi Mounga was on a Delta Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Hawaii when she was in severe pain.

A few minutes later, the one who did not know she was 29 weeks pregnant gave birth to a baby boy.

“It was very emotional. It’s crazy what happened and everything that has happened since then, ”she told CNN.

“He has a long name. I present to you Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lavaka Mounga. ”

Ms. Mounga was very fortunate that several caregivers were on board the aircraft when she was giving birth.

“Halfway through the flight, there was an emergency call. Clearly, the crew were asking if there was a doctor on board, ”explained family doctor Dr Dale Glenn.

“After the baby was born, I asked the flight attendants what the plan was. I was told that it was impossible to turn around and that we had to wait to get to Honolulu, ideally as soon as possible. ”

With three neonatal nurses who were going on vacation, he took turns at the bedside of the young mother.

An ambulance was at the foot of the device when it arrived in Hawaii.

“Although we had not heard him for three hours, the child began to cry when he was evacuated from the plane. Everyone on board was very happy with this outcome. ”