PP/PE film/plastic waste recycling economical granulation production line

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Description of PP film granulation line:

PP film granulation line is mainly used to process waste plastic films (industrial packaging films, agricultural films, greenhouse films, beer bags, handbags, etc.), woven bags, etc. PP film granulator is suitable for the most common waste plastics, with electromechanical separation, simple operation and convenient use.

Film pelletizers have to withstand various dynamic loads from the moment they are put into production. All parts are affected by working transmission wear, corrosion by molten materials and decomposition gases, environmental contamination and errors in operating methods.

After working for a period of time, the working performance and efficiency of the film granulator will slightly change or decrease. Keep the plastic granulator to maintain its working performance and production efficiency in a normal state for a long time to improve economic benefits. The granulator can be used in the process of granulation of various plastics, as well as PP PE film granulating line, PE, PS, ABS, OPP, etc.

Plastic is collected. Many features and advantages of the granulator are very important in the following areas:

  • Screw parts are carefully designed and machined, the whole machine and each part is well organized, in all rows.
  • Say three lights and one zero.
  • Designed as the quality of cast iron and granulator working fast and fast.
  • The products are shiny and the hard parts make for a perfect fit of the machine.
  • Extends the life of the vessel. It seems simple
  • Beauty is different.
  • The granulator adopts intuitive design and significantly improves production.
  • This is economical, reduces storage time and reduces customer support costs.

It has high power and low power consumption, equipped with high torque reducer and motor, screw are specially designed and processed. No dead corners, no iron blocked, effectively increase production capacity and strengthen plastics

plastic effect. Equipped with a single-row and two-row structure, completely draining and exhausting, making the particles stronger and fuller.

High quality electrical and driving equipment make the pelletizer safer and more reliable during use.

Main feature:

  1. Feeding method for plastic granulation recycling equipment: A well-designed pressure feeder, side feeder and compressor can push the objects into the extruder efficiently. Guarantee a good machine design
  2. Reducer in plastic granulation recycling plant: high torque, hard-surface reducer, with water-cooled circulation system, to ensure the production line runs smoothly, quietly and has a long service life.
  3. Drum and screw of plastic granulation recycling equipment: the necessary materials (38CrMoA1A and double alloy) and the treatment hardness of the screw and bowl make the extruder wear nice.
  4. Exhaust of plastic granulation recycling equipment: special exhaust design can discharge moisture and waste gas. It effectively ensures that the final plastic pellets have a smooth surface, no water, no bubbles, and good quality.

Hydraulic filter of plastic granulation recycling plant: double-station hydraulic filter works quickly and is easy to operate. Copper rings prevent material leakage. Cutting methods of plastic granulation recycling equipment: two cutting methods, noodle type and water ring type, make

Customers are free to choose.

Special design mold for plastic granulation recycling plant: All mold hole sizes are specially designed due to materials.

Characters and our extensive machine building experience.

Cooling method of plastic granulation recycling plant: most of the materials are cooled by water. Some like PVC are air cooled. e Smooth surface, no water, no bubbles, good quality. The cutting method of the plastic granulation recycling equipment: the pineapple cutter is the noodle cutting method, and the die surface cutter is the water ring cutting method. Packaging of finished products in plastic granulation recycling plant: finished granules are blown into the silo and packed by manual or packing scales. Electrical parts of plastic granulation recycling plant: all electrical parts of Siemens, Schneider, Fuji, ABB, Mitsubishi, TECO.

Hard hard plastic recycling granulator


  1. Belt feeding, frequency conversion control. Can be handled with the help of a metal detector.
  2. The pot body is equipped with a guide plate, which is convenient for feeding. The cutter head and stationary knife have been improved to increase the speed and effect of particles.
  3. The special design can control the temperature of the material in the pot of the compactor and improve the granulation efficiency.

Maintenance of plastic film granulator:

During the normal production of the plastic granulator, the operators of each production shift should check the maintenance of the film granulator. Such as lubricating the equipment after taking over, tightening the loose nuts, scrubbing the oil on the equipment, etc. Therefore, the operator of the plastic granulator carefully implements the operating procedures. Operating as required by the sequence of production operations is part of better maintenance of equipment.