Power Supply and Routing Tables in Computer Network

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A computer network is a group or set of computers sharing information and resources on network nodes. These computer networks are based on a wired connection, optical or wireless frequencies that are arranged in different variety of network topologies. 

The information on the topology of the network is contained in the routing table. A routing table is a data table located at the router that directs the routes to the particular network.

Routing table entries stem from the directly connected networks, dynamic routing protocols like OSPF, BGP, or RIP. These give direction to the routes originating from other routers or virtual routers.

Routing Table Entry 

The routing table entry is the default gateway configuration. Every data packet comes with the origin and destination of the network. Routing tables then send each entry according to the information on the data packet. 

The entries in the routing table consist of these entries: 

Network ID 

Subnet Mask 

Next Hop 

Outgoing Interface 


The routing tables are maintained manually or dynamically. In dynamic routing tables, the devices allow the network to respond according to the information provided. 

Function of Power Supply 

The power supply is an electrical device that creates an electrical path to supply power to the electrical load. The function of the power supply is to convert the received electric current to the power load, balancing the voltage, current and frequency. 


A router is a networking device that allows the flow of data packets between the computer networks. The router is usually connected to two or more networks.

A data packet in the computer network is handled by the router and when a data packet arrives at the port, the router determines on which path the data packet will be sent. 

The router determines the data packet when it arrives and examines the IP address, through which the data is travelled through the computer network. Using this system, the router provides you with an internet connection by connecting LAN with the internet. 

To make the network work properly, the routers use routing tables. These routing tables lists all the available network to the router and all the information is saved on the RAM. The routing table of every router is different. 

Routing Tables 

The routing table is a type of table or chart which determines the routes and paths through which the data packets will be sent. All devices that use an internet protocol (IP) address, and other devices that are part of the network like routers, switches, use the routing table for determining the travelling path.

Power Supply to the Case 

Case or tower case is the outer part of the system that houses the different parts of the computer. It contains the hardware, motherboard and all the components of the system.

The Power supply to a tower case is directed towards the motherboard which is responsible to provide power to all the hardware and components of the computer system. 


Computer Network is a set of computers that shares information through the network nodes. It is the basic requirement for any system to be connected to the internet using an IP address.