Posthumous psychiatric examination will be conducted to the person who opened fire in Mytishchi

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Vladimir Bardanov, who opened fire on security forces during his arrest in the cottage village of Novye Veshki in Mytishchi near Moscow, will be subjected to a posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination. This was reported to TASS on March 31 by a law enforcement source.

“Most likely, in the framework of the criminal case, he will be assigned a comprehensive posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination to check his mental state,” said the agency’s interlocutor.

According to him, such an examination helps to establish the psychological characteristics of a person and the motives of his actions.

The burnt body of Bardanov was discovered after a fire while dismantling the rubble in the area of ​​the attic of his house.

“According to preliminary data, the man died from the dangerous factors of the fire,” – said the source.

According to updated data, the area of ​​fire was 65 square meters. m.

On Tuesday, police and FSB officers came to Bardanov to be detained in connection with the possession of weapons. The man opened fire on them from the window, and then threw two grenades, one of which exploded.

At that moment, his family was with him in the house. Later, Bardanov released all his relatives, and he barricaded himself in the building. He blew up the stairs to the second floor in the house so that the security forces could not get to him.

The operation to detain the man was attended by special forces of the Russian Guard SOBR “Bulat”, SOBR “Lynx” and OMON “Zubr”. During the assault, one security officer was wounded in the leg and was hospitalized.