Post Bank launched a deposit for retirees

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Post Bank is launching a deposit for pensioners “Pension +”, on which you can receive up to 5% per annum. This was reported on April 23 in the press service of the organization.

It is clarified that the base rate on the deposit is 4% per annum, you can also get a premium of + 0.75% if the pension is transferred to the Post Bank, as well as + 0.25% if you pay monthly by card in the amount of 10 thousand rubles or more (the service is valid from the second month of opening a deposit).

“Any person can open the“ Pension + ”deposit, but it is especially beneficial for pensioners, since they will receive a good bonus for transferring their pension to the bank. We have tried to make sure that the deposit would be convenient and beneficial for older people. For example, during the entire period, you can add funds to the contribution from the received pension. You will begin to receive income from the deposit already from the first month, and not at the end of the term of the deposit, ”said Grigory Babadzhanyan, Board Member, Director for Products and Technologies of Post Bank.

A deposit of 50 thousand rubles or more is placed for 9 months, during which it can be replenished, however, cash withdrawal is not provided. Interest is charged on a monthly basis to a savings account, where funds from the deposit will be automatically transferred upon the expiration of the specified period.

Also, when transferring a pension to Post Bank, even after the end of the deposit, the client will continue to receive 5% per annum on the savings account.

You can open a special deposit “Pension +” in Post Bank branches, as well as online in the Internet bank or mobile application.