Portland police officer surrounded, punched in face; ‘unlawful assembly’ declared

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Video emerged out of Portland, Ore., hours after the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict that police said showed an officer being surrounded and then punched in the face by a masked individual dressed in black.

The Oregonian newspaper posted the video and reported that there had been a heated confrontation. The individual who struck the officer could be seen being shoved by another cop on a bicycle. The officer who was struck grabbed onto the individual as he fell and then other officers jumped piled on. The paper said one of its journalists took the footage.


The Portland Police Department responded to the paper’s tweet of the video and said, “An Officer is surrounded and punched in the face and ends up on the ground on his back with the suspect on top. This was very dangerous situation. Subject was arrested.”

KOIN reported that a large group assembled near the city’s Justice Center on Tuesday night after the Chauvin verdict and some broke windows at businesses in the area. The report said that traffic was blocked in some areas and some tagged the Justice Center with graffiti.


Police declared an unlawful assembly at about 10 p.m. Two individuals were arrested, the report said.

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