Popular myth about bread refuted

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The expert spoke about the benefits of rye and wheat bread

Rye flour contains more fiber than many fruits and vegetables and more iron than beef. In addition, rye bread has high taste qualities; it does not spoil for a long time.

The constant consumption of such products contributes to the preservation of health, the prevention of cardiovascular and other diseases, says Marina Kostyuchenko, director of the scientific research institute of the bakery industry.

Wheat bread is not harmful at all. Of course, there are diseases in which its presence in the diet is undesirable. However, for a balanced diet, both rye and wheat bread are needed.

As Kostyuchenko told the Moscow City News Agency, 150 grams of sliced ​​loaf a day will not lead to excess weight. The calorie content of a white loaf is 260 kcal, which is significantly less than that of flour confectionery.

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