Most Popular Bird Species in the World

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Breeds of raised birds

Think about it if all the birds are black and white. The world must be boring. Nature has created a variety of creatures called “birds”, especially the color of the feathers of birds. Katoro selected 9 of the brightest bird species in 2021 for readers to come up with ideas for, in case anyone wants to try to have a little bird to add color to their lives. Also, read the detail on sibermaster.

Canary Bird

The canary we are familiar with maybe a green-yellow feathered bird, but nowadays the canary breed has improved its species to have canaries of various colors, including red, white, and orange.

Canary is considered a bird to feed, suitable for small houses, condos or apartments because it takes up not much space to feed and the sound of birds screaming is not so loud that it bothers the people next door. Raising canary birds is like keeping a bird in a cage for a look.

Finch Bird

Finns are one of the most colorful small birds. When clustered The Finch bird looks very charming, both beautiful feather color, variety and musical-like vocals.

Farming Finns need quite a lot of space to fly and decorate the cage close to natural forests, which would be great if raised in small groups. In addition to raising birds, finch is raising birds in cages, we can only sit and look at the birds outside. Birds do not like to be disturbed, and they are not the kind of birds that can be caught playing. If anyone needs a catch-play bird, look for other colorful birds instead.


Lovebirds A bright pastel bird is the first choice of a parrot breeder who loves color and miniatures. The coat color of the lovebirds ranges from green, blue, orange, yellow, white, and a variety of shades in one.

Lovebirds are suitable for bird lovers who have quite a lot of time for birds, as they love to socialize. He does not like to live alone, loud, and likes to communicate with flocks of birds and their owners. A lonely lovebird can become a depressive bird that injures itself or bites its owner. Therefore, if you are thinking of raising this bird, do not forget that this is not a little bird in a cage that only needs water and food. But it also requires care.

Jade Swan

The jade swan is a small parrot native to Australia. He likes to be together in large packs. It can be found all over the country, especially in forest areas near water bodies. The name of the bird comes from the word Betcherrygah in Aboriginal languages, meaning good food.

Jade swans have been a widespread pet since the year. At first, only the original color was sam yellow-green feathered bird with blue. Later, the breed was developed to a variety of colors as seen today. It features pastel tones.

The cute jade swan, especially those who like pastel tones, is suitable for novice breeders and can also be practiced to speak human voices. If you are looking for a bird to feed, it is not difficult to care for it. Jade swans are also an interesting option but do not forget that birds love to socialize described sibermaster as well. Not suitable for single-body farming and relatively busy people. Because the jade swan will certainly not tolerate loneliness.