Political scientists spoke about the future of Cuba after Castro’s departure

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After a change in the party leadership, Cuba will continue to closely cooperate with Russia and China. This is the opinion of the political scientists interviewed by Izvestia.

During the historic (VIII) Congress of the Communist Party, which will be held on the island from April 16 to 19, the post of the first secretary of the Central Committee from Raul Castro will pass to the current president of the country, Miguel Diaz-Canel. The latter, according to experts, will not deviate from the succession strategy.

Political analysts also predict that Havana will continue to maintain close ties with its strategic partners and most likely will not be able to improve relations with the United States.

Experts assess Diaz-Canel as a party politician who managed to pass the test of the communists, although he led the country to cautious liberal reforms.

“For decades, the Cuban Communist Party has tried to find a representative of a new generation who will continue the course of continuity, making the necessary changes and responses to the needs of a society attacked by imperialism. There is a line of trust between Raul Castro and Diaz-Canel, “Spanish political analyst Jose Antonio Egido told Izvestia.

In April 2021, the 60-year history of the rule of the Castro dynasty will end. Raul is the second key figure for Liberty Island after his older brother Fidel. They began the fight against the dictatorship of the pro-American Fulgencio Batista together, thanks to which in 1959 the revolutionaries achieved a regime change and the victory of the communists.

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