Political scientist voiced the “cause” of the poverty of Ukrainians

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Residents of Ukraine live in poverty, because the country’s authorities have not been able to carry out “normal decommunization”. This opinion was expressed on May 4 by a Ukrainian political scientist, director of the Center for Strategic Research Andriy Nitsoy.

“We do not need to forget anything, but we need to pursue a policy of not only decommunization, but also decolonization. Decommunization is a small, first stage of a broad policy that we have not carried out, “he said on the air of the NASH TV channel.

According to Nitsoi, precisely because Ukraine could not carry out “normal decommunization”, the country’s residents are in poverty. According to the expert, this was also the reason that Kiev had to go for “barbaric privatization”.

“Therefore, oligarchic groups were created, because we did not carry out high-quality decommunization, and the process of decolonization did not begin,” the political scientist added.

Since 2015, Kiev has been pursuing a policy of decommunization within the framework of the law “On the Condemnation of the Communist and Nazi Regimes,” writes Gazeta.ru. In particular, the document assumes the renaming of all topographic objects, the names of which are reminiscent of the USSR, as well as the demolition of monuments. The law caused a resonance in society, because the boundaries of its application were not clearly spelled out in it.

So, on February 11, the Kiev District Administrative Court overturned the city council’s decision to rename Moskovsky Prospekt in the avenue named after the Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. The court found that when deciding to rename a number of streets in the Ukrainian capital, including Moskovsky Prospekt, Kutuzov, Suvorov, Bauman and others, the opinion of a number of individuals and organizations was not taken into account, and the City Council did not conduct a historical study on the criteria for selecting new street names.