Police pissed off a horse in the elevator of a prestigious home

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The Israeli police quickly arrived at the elite high-rise building when a horse appeared on the surveillance cameras in the elevator. The incident took place in Tel Aviv.

Two people led the horse into the building and then into the elevator. The shots flew around social networks. “I came to visit a friend. I didn’t think it would be a problem to bring the horse into the building, ”the owner of the horse told police investigators, according to Israel Channel 12 news. “Nowhere was it written that you can’t import a horse,” he added. “I couldn’t leave it outside. This is an expensive horse, and it would have been stolen from me, ”explained the owner.

Both men were detained by the police. One of the men was released under restrictive conditions, while the other remains in custody on suspicion of violating house arrest in an unrelated case. Police are trying to establish whether the horse was injured as a result of the incident and have asked Tel Aviv municipality veterinarians to investigate the matter.