Police near Volgograd rescued a chimpanzee at a traffic police post

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Near Volgograd, police rescued chimpanzees on the road. This was reported on Wednesday, March 10, on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Media.

The animals were transported from Moscow to the Astrakhan zoo on a wagon, but the car broke down on the 943rd km of the “Caspian” highway. Police officers called a tow truck, which took the truck to the traffic police post.

Law enforcers brought the animals from the truck into a warm room, the website kp.ru writes. Thanks to this, they safely endured at room temperature for several hours until the carrier found a replacement for the broken car.

The chimpanzee was delivered to its destination, writes “Moscow 24”. The head of the zoo expressed gratitude to the traffic police inspectors for their assistance, the website aif.ru reports.

In the morning in Volgograd it was more than ten degrees of frost.

Earlier it was reported that the employees of the Moscow Zoo congratulated their charges on the 8th of March with an ice treat. Some animals received ice figurines with frozen delicacies inside.