Police in the USA gave the boy a car to replace the stolen one

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In Arizona, Tempe Police Officer Andrew Brooks, along with colleagues, gave the boy a toy car in the form of a mini-tractor to replace the one that was stolen from the child. It was reported on the Good News Network website on Thursday, April 29.

Brooks saw a message on social networks by a man named Peter Philbrook, who said that his son Gerald had been stolen from his favorite toy – a copy of a John Deere tractor. She was very important for the boy, because once they found her and together they took up her repair, in the process of which a connection arose between them, which had not existed before.

Brooks tried to find the stolen toy, but the search was unsuccessful. Then he asked colleagues to help him buy a new miniature copy of the tractor for the child. Several police officers went to the Walmart shopping center and bought a present for the boy.

They solemnly presented the gift to Gerald, who did not expect a surprise and was very happy, “Reedus” writes. Brooks admitted that he himself could not cope with emotions when giving a gift. He also gave the boy a personal license plate for the tractor and a bumper sticker.

On December 30, it was reported that Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin fulfilled the dream of a girl from the Tver region who wanted a synthesizer. He personally gave the child a gift and sang several melodies from cartoons.