Police arrest 240 people on May 1 in Berlin

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The Berlin police made about 240 arrests during the various rallies of May 1 marked in the evening by clashes, said its manager on the night of Saturday to Sunday to the media.

“Violence at rallies is absolutely unacceptable,” said Barbara Slowik, speaking of at least 20 lightly injured police officers.

In total, around 30,000 people marched on Labor Day in several processions throughout the day in the German capital, most of which took place peacefully.

It was in the evening that the situation became tense when, according to the police, the security forces dispersed a procession of the violent far left, the “Black Block”, which the members did not respect the restrictions. health related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They were united under the slogan “Revolutionary May 1”.

Police arrest 240 people on May 1 in Berlin

“Violent clashes” then occurred, demonstrators throwing in particular bottles or stones at the police and lighting garbage containers or wooden pallets on the road, said the Berlin police official.

“The situation escalated, but was quickly brought under control,” she said.

The police had deployed Saturday some 5,600 people in fear of incidents during May 1.

More than twenty rallies were organized in total for May 1 in the German capital, with slogans ranging from rent increases, migration policy to opposition to restrictive measures linked to the pandemic .