POC Software Development Guide

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By henry jackson

Every idea or concept experiences uncertainty at the beginning of its way. Before putting money in a new project, everyone wants to be completely sure that everything is actually going to work and that there is a chance to minimize possible risks. It is fair to say about different areas of our life. For instance, more expensive clinical tests of medicine can not take place until the results of earlier, less rigorous tests, when the drug is taken once or for a short period of time, are received. Although such results can not replace a large-scale study, anyway making a decision based on them is more reliable than being guided only by assumptions. Well, it goes the same with IT projects.  

Any brand-new idea is expected to have risks, thus it is vital to check the product idea and be certain that it will not fail. To minimize the failing situations, take your time and develop your product right away, this is a big mistake. First, begin with POC software development. In this particular article we will focus on poc definition itself and everything a developer should know about it. 

Definition of POC

POC (proof of concept) basically is about proving an idea practically, in order to verify that this technology can actually work. Basically, the definitions of POC can vary. It usually covers prototyping and the MVP creation. However, some companies single out these methods of validating an idea, as they have distinguishing purposes and as a result have different outcomes. 

Also, some developers consider POC as some kind of draft that will be finished and improved in the future. This approach is not quite correct. It is better to think of the POC software development as more of research than just developing a possible product which works. 

Due to the fact that the basic POC aim is to verify that the idea works as quickly as possible, small aspects that are vital for the product creation can be left out. To put it simply, if the POC works, the developers can begin working profoundly on the project.


POC vs MVP vs Prototype

MVP is frequently confused with POC, which is not right. Although these concepts are interrelated, they are not equivalent. The POC software development consists of the reaction of potential customers to the announcement, the number of marketing, pre-orders, and sociological study, and other theoretical evidence which can confirm that the forthcoming product is interesting for the market. MVP is more than just a confirmation, it is a product that actually works. 

POC’s aim is to analyze the viability of an idea, whereas MVP’ is to make a workable product, putting in as much effort as possible. POC is built when it is unknown whether it is possible or not to fulfill an idea or any other feature. MVP, in turn, is used when there are not so many risks and a developer has some budget. 

If we talk about POC and prototype differences then it is fair to begin with going into the deep with what prototype actually means. Prototype’s basic function is to assist making vital decisions connected to building a product and diminishing product errors. 

Basically, the prototype serves to show any part of the system, find possible problems and mistakes in it and get users’ feedback. Using the prototype, the group of developers manages to try out various product functions, which can not be done with a POC. Simply put, we can call a prototype a kind of draft, which still needs refinement, but is demonstrated to consumers to get their opinion about the outcome. Let’s not forget that using prototypes developers can pursue some smart new ideas and subsequently may well develop into an MVP.

Steps of Proving a Concept

To get the idea of how the POC software development works and what result can be achieved during the process, let’s go through the stages of POC software development.

First, it is important to define the main point and target of POC. From all the functions, try to pick the most complicated and ground-breaking ones. If there are some possible restrictions or limits, they will be fixed during this particular stage. 

The next phase is to write down all the possible cases of use that will be checked as a section of the POC software development. Use cases are kind of probable circumstances of how the consumers will use a future app. 

The last but not the least is testing the app. It would be better if a team of skilled developers would work on the product. Besides, the project manager would be of great use, because he or she would hold under control all the working and developing process and connect the specialists and clients. An essential aspect for success is the regular communication of the team and the users. As a matter of fact during the review, it can be evident whether the idea justifies all the expected business results. If it turns out that something is not going the way it should, then a course of the work needs to be changed in order to get the desired outcome.

When all the above phases are accomplished, demonstrate a technical concept proof. Experts share an opinion making emphasis on the noticed recommendations and limits for forthcoming development. In case if there are no technical opportunities to implement the expected idea, or available solutions do not respond to the demands, a group of skilled developers can suggest alternative options for the product development. Judging by the outcome of the POC software development, if the predictions turn out to be accelerated, this means the project will start. More than that, it serves as a strong motive to draw investors. Having POC software development data, it is up to you whether to go on developing a product or think about trying implementing some new idea.


Why Choose POC After All?

Various options for checking probable ideas of the developers often confuses developers. Of course, it gets quite challenging to see which variant is worth spending budget on. Let’s make it clear why POC software development is significant after all. 

Investors’ attraction. A POC demonstrates to the probable future investors that their financing will be used for an idea that is going to work. This ensures them that the idea of the project is financially thought through and the group of people working on the product has studied and arranged everything to move it to a higher level and make it work.

Consider possible restrictions. It goes without saying that almost every concept has its limitations and should be assessed before going forward. The POC software development gives an opportunity to make an analysis of the idea scale and decide whether it can fit the growth of the company. 

Be ready for potential issues and challenges. Probable issues can be sorted out due to POC software development, because it gives a vivid image of ​​the obstacles that may occur before the project even begins. It does not matter whether it is the phase of the product development or marketing, POC can assess to indicate a way out of any impossible situation, point out the risks, and be prepared for challenges that may emerge. Thanks to this, a developer will make savings and raise the project’s chances of commercial success.


It is obvious that having such a variety of product idea checking, it becomes hard to pick the one which is the most appropriate and reliable. However, the above-mentioned information is only a recommendation and not an obligatory act. As it has been already stated, POC software development, MVP and prototype have similar spots, but they are not the same. So, it is better to study each one of them and make a decision which one to pick.