Plots in Taj Residencia can be purchased from overseas. Guide

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Both domestic and foreign investors might benefit from investing in Pakistani real estate. Because they lack dependable and accurate information sources and a better understanding of a number of terms and circumstances, Pakistanis residing abroad encounter similar issues when they enter the real estate market. As a result, they are wary of making any kind of commitment. Read more about blue world city payment plan.

There is no better moment than now for Pakistanis residing overseas to make an investment in Pakistani real estate and get a plot. A well-known housing society, Taj Residencia Islamabad, has long been a favourite of residents. You may acquire a parcel of land in Pakistan through Taj Residencia if you’re from outside the country.

Pakistanis from all over the globe are invited to invest in Taj Residencia. The location is ideal since it is close to CDA Sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16. If you’re a resident of this community, you should have access to nearly every service. In addition to the society’s family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to nearby amenities, the area’s open spaces and scenic vistas make it an excellent choice for any prospective buyer.

Is Taj Residencia Available to Foreigners?

Investors must file tax returns before purchasing a block of land. Overseas Pakistanis are exempt from paying income taxes, but if they buy a block of land in Pakistan, they must pay property tax. It would also help the country’s economic woes by increasing remittances. As part of its strategy to boost Pakistani prosperity, the present administration also includes this measure. If your property is worth more than PKR 5 million, you don’t have to file an income tax return.

Pakistani nationals living outside of Pakistan can purchase a parcel of land in Taj Residencia, as well as the necessary documentation.

• Your most recent passport and six passport-sized photos

• A duplicate of the NICOP manual (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis issued to a legitimate Pakistani citizen)

• Passport Copy of Exit Stamp

Copy of the entrance stamps of the foreign nation where the Pakistani expat stays.

The names and passport-sized photos of all members of your immediate family. •

Check, cash, or direct deposit are all acceptable methods of payment for the booking fee.

• A 20% deposit is needed when reserving a plot.

The Taj Residencia Offers a Variety of Plot Sizes

Sizes of residential plots:

• Marla (five marla)

A total of five Marla

• Eight Marla

At least ten Marla

At least one kilowatt

At least two hectares

Dimensions of Dream Villas plots:

One-room apartment

model house of a kanal

House No. 14, Marla

a Mediterranean-style villa of ten acres.

Eclectic: The 10 Marla Villa

• 10 Marla Villa is a contemporary villa that was built in the 1980s.

You must pay a 20% down payment for properties of 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. There is a 6% saving if you pay the whole amount at once. If you purchase a plot in one of the following categories: Corner plots, Main Boulevard, or Park facing, you will receive a 10% discount. Check out their payment plan on their site for more information.

Is Buying a Plot in Taj Residencia Safe for Foreigners?

Foreigners and Pakistanis living outside Pakistan are urged to exercise prudence while purchasing or selling property in Pakistan. Due to a lack of information and background checks, many Pakistani expatriates sign direct agreements to avoid paying further commission, only to find themselves in a series of bottlenecks and misled.

The CDA has authorised this housing society as lawful, making it a secure investment for anybody waiting to arrange a trip from overseas. In addition, Taj Residencia has been granted a NOC by the CDA. Customers may now go ahead and buy their plots, making it possible for them to live the luxurious lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Additionally, Taj Residencia has been approved by the Regional Development Agency (RDA). Because of this, it is completely legal and risk-free.