Do Nutrition Affect Physiotherapy Results?

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When people are getting physiotherapy in Edmonton, they put their focus on performing exercises and ignore the nutritional aspect. This isn’t the right thing to do. As diet also has a huge impact on regaining the mobility after injury or surgery. In the following article, you will get to know how nutrition is important along with getting physiotherapy, and also how it helps the outcome of the sessions with therapists.

It Helps In Controlling Weight Gain

The biggest concern of patients undergoing rehab is weight gain. It is because the recovery process involves rest, and you have to remain inactive most of the day. Therefore, increase in weight can be very normal if you don’t do anything about it. So, the question is how can you avoid this problem? With the right diet, patients can control their weight while allowing their muscles to grow for a quick recovery.

However, many patients make the mistake of drastically reducing their calorie intake. Though it will help to control the weight, it restricts muscle growth. So, while getting physiotherapy in West Edmonton, experts can help you by suggesting a diet plan that balances the weight gain and muscle growth.

The Carbohydrates Will Help with Exercises

Before you begin to perform any physical activity, you must fuel the body with the necessary carbohydrates. They will help to maintain the blood glucose level and replace the muscle glycogen that assists to keep the energy high throughout the workout. Starchy foods like white bread or potatoes contain carbohydrates, but they don’t offer equal nutritional benefits as multigrain foods do. While getting physiotherapy in Edmonton, take reviews from therapists on which carbohydrate helps the muscles to grow the mass quickly, and which ones you should avoid.

It Will Assist To Balance the Nutrients in the Body

While consuming carbohydrates for energy, it is also essential to take other nutrients throughout the day. Taking enough lean protein is important to see the improvement in the results of physiotherapy. For that, try to eat chicken or fish, instead of red meat. Furthermore, to allow your body to properly digest these nutrients, you should also have an adequate amount of fibre consumption. For instance, eat greens like broccoli and spinach. However, avoid excess intake of fibre before you work out. Finally, do not forget to stay hydrated. It helps to take all the nutrients to reach throughout the body.

Nutrition Is Important To Tackle the Inflammatory Phase

While progressing through the inflammatory process, dietary fats can come in a lot handy to control the swelling. These fats are used to promote and improve the function of immune cells in the body. The experts including Regenerate Physio recommend increasing the intake of fatty acids and Omega-3 by consuming olive oil, avocado, fish oil, etc.

Hence, we can conclude that nutrition is an important factor when it comes to seeing the full results of the physiotherapy sessions. Rather than making a diet plan yourself, it is better to discuss with the expert you are seeing at physiotherapy in Edmonton. They will help you determine which nutrients are good for you and how much quantity you should take to accelerate the process of recovery.

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